Sustainability Map - LCA - Scenario Planning

Sustainability Mapping - A New Management Tool

Management is prediction. And sustainability mapping is the first step in helping companies develop their own perspective of a future which is being shaped increasingly by disruptive forces rising from the misalignment between the workings of the global economy and the planet. Sustainability mapping helps embed sustainability into an organization’s corporate strategy and thinking. It is intended to be a disruptive force itself, sparking new thinking and prompting a holist approach to management including prduct and service life-cycle assessments and developing a range of scenarios for the future.

The global economy is entering a time of disruption. Economic, environmental and social success factors are not separate, but key components of the same system. Companies that understand this and incorporate it into their strategies are positioned for resilience and prosperity. Those that do not are defenseless to disruption.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - Drilling Deeper

LCA is an analysis of the use of a product or service to assess (1) its consumption of particular resources, (2) its emission of particular effluents, and/or (3) its impact on the larger system (company, economy, environment). This analysis is for the entire lifecycle from "take" (material extraction) to "make" (processing, manufacture, and distribution), to "use" (utilization, repair and maintenance), to "waste" (disposal, reuse or recycling). The LCA process is a more specific and focused study than Sustainability Mapping, and is often the next step for companies that wish to explore further the level of sustainability of their products and processes, and the locus of their vulnerabilities.

Scenario Planning - What If?

Scenario planning is a very powerful tool for management to fulfill its responsibility as predictor. Scenario planning is the "what if" of the sustainability assessment and planning process. A company that maps out where it is and where the vulnerabilities are on a macro (Sustainability mapping) and a micro (LCA) level, is then ready to take the next step: a sensitivity analysis to determine outcomes based on alternative scenarios.